Aug 17/07

Nice Hotel Mongolia, Journalists at final stage, It's all over and we are just fine!!

Aug 16/ 07

Laurance's bandage for a 3/4" cut in the back of his head, our BUS for the 12 hr bus ride from hell, 10 people in the bus, fix and repair in the dessert.

Aug 15/ 07

The Porsche that saved me!, my sleeping place for the 12 hr ride, Pick up Eddie from Singapore

Aug 14/ 07

Dry, dry , look... some pavement in town

Aug 13/ 07

Stopped Special Stage due to no ambulance, camels, Mongolian gas station, better go through the river then over the bridge..... 

Aug 12 /07

Ready for our stage, towing the UK team, dry, dry, dry

Aug 11/ 07

Day off, no hot showers as advertised.....

Aug 10 / 07

At the border, the "watch" tower, dry conditions, we're into Mongolia

Aug 9 / 07

Porsche mechanics at work with laptop, what a sight, at rest at the campsite, look at those mountains

Aug 8/ 07

Sun up, the Hotel, Carwash, and the tent struggle